Abandoned Dog With Broken Spirit Healed After Rescuer's Kind Touch

Terrified Abandoned Dog Found Shaking Very Hard From Fear Makes Rescuers Cry

Tiny Puppy Abandoned At Hot Parking Lot, Found Having Seizures Makes Rescuers Cry

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Blind Pit Bull Abandoned In The Woods, Now Loves Ice Cream And Waiting Forever Home

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Dog With Growing Tumor Surrendered To Be Euthanized, Has Best Life Ever Now

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Neglected Dog Found Buried Under Trash Bags With Matted Fur

Stranded Octopus Saved By Man, And It Gives Him A Thank In Return

Dog Found Hanging By Electrical Cord Near Highway Overpass And No One Cares

Man Saves A Dog Hit By Car And Then Let Him Become A Family Member

Fisherman Finds Turtle Floating On The Water With Barnacles Covering All His Body

Ugly And Dirty Dog Locked Up Her Entier Life, Wonders Who Would Ever Love Her

No More Useful For Hunt Games, Her Master Breaks Her Leg, And Dumped Her Like Trash

Man Stops His Car In Fear To Help Injured Leopard Laying On The Road

Newborn Bulldog Without Foot Found Buried In Snow By His Owner, As He Is 'Useless'

Starving Dog Found Lying Beside His Owner's Body Who Died 6 Weeks Prior

Small Puppy Saved From Puppy Mill Meets New Friend To Start A New Life

Tiny Puppy Abandoned Outside Of A Supermarket Found Crying For Help

Fainted Puppy Wakes Up Next Day To Find Him Self Surrounded By Hope

Dog Found Staying By Gate For Days, After Owner Kicked Him Out Of The House

They Dig Through Terrifying House To Be Able To Rescue A Sick Dog With Her Puppies

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Pit Bull Shot Several Times Still Positive To Humans Even After Leg Amputation

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Dog Dumped By Her Family, Sat For Days In Cold Waiting Them To Come Back

Chained Dog For 5 Years, Punished Every Time He Got Excited

Puppy Thrown Out On Streets As He Can’t Walk Properly, Just Wanted To Be Loved As He Is

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Driver Saved Thirsty And Dehydrated Maned Wolf Who Collapses Under His Truck

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Dumped Mama Dog Sits With Her Newborn Puppies Waiting For Owners Who Will Never Return

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