Couple Claim They Forgot That Their 4 Dogs Were In Their Hot Car After Locking Them For Hours

In Bristol, 4 Hound-mix puppies were saved just in time by a K9 officer. The puppies were panting in haphazardly in a gaudy locked hot car.

The dogs were given water and moved to his air-conditioned patrol car and they are safe now. We appreciate the K9 officer's timely action.

James Brian Hughes and Carolyne Amanda Hartley, 29, from Abingdon were arrested after they were missing for hours. They are now charged with 4 counts of animal brutality.

The irresponsible owners say that the pooches were forgotten in the vehicle, while they were going to the courthouse. Now, the puppies are in the animal shelter, with a good health.

Watch the video below.

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