Couple Scream When They Spot A Skin-Bone Dog Wandering In Their Yard

A couple, Bill and his wife Krista, spotted a skin-bone dog walking pass their house and they directly decided to help him.

So, they contacted a rescue team for help and they directly arrived to the scene to help the dog, Billy. They directly rushed him to the vet where they found that he was so frail, dehydrated, and starved.

Krista said that she directly fell in love with the dog after seeing his fighting soul, and the look in his eyes. It was obvious that the dog was so hungry as he just wanted to eat anything he saw. But eating like this would be dangerous for him. So, they fed him gradually, but they were not sure if he would survive.

The next day, Billy was being helped by the nutrition and the IV fluids and he was getting better. It was obvious that his lethargy was improving as he was able to move easily. The only downside was that bills were growing up very fast, so the couple established a fundraiser called "Saving Billy", which helped them to raise the bills.

When Billy was healed enough to leave the veterinarian, Krista decided to be his foster mama and took him home with her. It was really happy to leave the veterinarian and to live in a home. He even needed a physiotherapy and special diet, which means that he needed a long time to be completely healed.

By days, Billy started feeling better and he really felt that he was in his home by the help of Remington, his doggie brother. So, Krista decided to adopt Billy forever. What a happy ending!

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