Dog Gathered All His Strength To Bark For Help After Being Trapped In Tar

An abandoned tired dog laid down on freshly dumped tar as he was looking for a place that could keep him warm in Suwałki, Poland.

Unfortunately, the dog doesn't know that he would be trapped but when he realized, he started barking for help. Workers nearby heard the loud barks of the dog as he used all his strength asking for help.

When they came to the scene and found the dog, they directly called Joanna Godlewska, an animal rescuer from the Niczyje Animal Foundation. The good thing was that the brave animal managed to tear his snout out of the tar, so he could bark and breath.

The dog's fur, that was trapped in tar, was slowly cut off by the animal rescuers with the help of police departments and the local fire. They were then able to remove the dog's body from the tar.

The dog was then taken to a veterinarian for examination and to be treated for exhaustion. They removed more than 100 ticks from his body.

The dog was given a soft bed and warm meal after the remaining tar on his fur and paws removed by many baths. Fortunately, the dog started feeling stronger and he was also treated for small wounds on his head.

The adorable dog, that was named Farcik, is starting to walk slowly and he will stay with his rescuers until he is completely healed. He’ll be available for adoption once he is totally recovered. We hope that he will get his full health soon and find a forever home.

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