Smart Dog Saved Himself After Being Locked For Hours In Bathroom With A Leopard

Leopards are creatures with the captivating beauty, but they are still wild and dangerous animals due to their hunting nature, so in their presence, any person or animal of another species would flee to disappear from their radar.

Actually, that was the intention of Bollu, a mestizo who by accident was locked in a bathroom with a leopard for hours. Bollu lives in the Indian state of Karnataka, with his family.

This month the mestizo was taking a walk through the desert that borders his house, when he was surprised by the large feline. Bollu knew immediately that he was in danger and his instinct led him to flee and try to take refuge inside his residence.

In search of protection, poor Bollu went into a bath and the leopard chased him there. When the owner of the puppy saw the scene, he reacted by closing the door to prevent the leopard from hurting his family.

The man knew that his puppy was in danger and felt great regret for the situation, but did not have the courage to open the door, not knowing the scene that could be found. Due to the circumstances, he chose to call the Indian Forest Service, only they would know how to handle the situation.

Poor Bollu had to wait more than 7 hours before being released, while his family lived in real anguish when they believed that the feline must have already eaten him.

The dog was right behind the door and the leopard was on the side of the bathroom. The tension in the place was evident, but everyone was surprised that the animal had not attacked Ballu, being a defenseless puppy in front of one of the most ferocious carnivores on the planet.

In fact, in one of the videos shared about this rescue operation, it is seen how the leopard attacks the camera when it realizes that a foreign object is entering the bathroom. After several attempts and 7 hours of anguish, Bollu came out unharmed and was happy that this bad time was over.

The puppy was really brave because if he had cried or lost his calm it was possible that the leopard would have attacked him. The beast was released into its natural habitat: a nearby desert from which it should not have escaped. Watch the video below.

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