Dog Found Staying By Gate For Days, After Owner Kicked Him Out Of The House

A poor dog called Leo, who was kicked out of his home owner as he was not good at guarding, stared at the gate of his home for days after that. The loyal dog just had no idea why he was kicked out! But the truth was that Leo was left in the street as the owner had already brought another guardian dog.

So, the neighbor called Love Furry Friends Rescue for help. The dog was found by the rescuers sitting in the same spot. The asked the dog’s owner if he wanted the dog, and they were told that they did not want him anymore. However, the neighbors told them that the dog is very kind and gentle around kids.

Unfortunately, many dogs like Leo are treated in a very bad way in Ukraine. But the good thing is that there’re many rescue groups like Love Furry Friends trying to save these dogs. Thankfully, Leo is now doing great and is waiting for his forever home.

Watch the video below.

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