Dog Surrendered To Shelter Looks Out The Window Hope Someone Will Save Her

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter took in a stray dog, who was found wandering the streets. P.J. Regan, shelter medical manager, took a sensitive picture of the baby girl looking confused after being in a new environment, and at the same time looking for a new different life that is full of joy and love.

The cute dog was treated and dewormed for fleas, but that did not let her be out of her shell as she was stressed in the kennel. The dog, who was named Baby, was shut down emotionally because of the constant loud barking and noises. But she transferred into a different dog when she was in the play area!

Pregnant Dog Rescue took the dog in right away after receiving a call from the staff! The best thing was that Baby was adopted by a great family, who said that she is so perfect and loving dog! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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