Dog Dumped By Her Family, Sat For Days In Cold Waiting Them To Come Back

Sharing this planet with dogs is something that makes us overjoyed with, as they give you the love unconditionally.

No one can understand why some dogs’ owners hurt their pets! This story is so sad, but it has a happy ending.

A lonely dog was seen in a snow-covered park bench in Pennsylvania waiting for her family to come. Many people tried to help the poor pooch, but she ran away, but she did not leave the park! It was obvious that she was waiting for someone. So, neighbors contacted Speranza Animal Rescue, that immediately sent Janine Guido to the location to help.

Janine tried many times and days to win the dog’s trust. The dog, Carla, was taken to the veterinarian, who said that Carla was 10 years old, and she was extremely underweight.

Thankfully, Carla has been fostered until Janine finds a new forever home for her. Watch the video below.

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