Great Dane Lays On His Mom To Protect Her From Being Harmed By Her Boyfriend

71% of the abusers, who commit domestic crimes, kill their pets or at least hurt them, according to a new survey.

This story speaks about a brave Great Dane, who saved his woman, who was abused by her boyfriend as she wanted to leave him. The woman was just worried about J Matthew, her Great Dane, who was with her, and she also had no place to go, so she decided to stay with her monster boyfriend.

But things took different turn when the evil man started beating his girlfriend to death one day! So, the dog directly shielded her body after seeing that, so the man took him off to the road and started beating him mercilessly! That’s when the woman had the enough courage to call the police.

She then went to “Rose Brooks Center”, where the pets weren’t allowed, for refuge. But when they heard the story, they decided to be first domestic abuse shelter who welcomes pets, and the 110-lbs J Matthew was the first rescue! Watch the video above to have more information.

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