Neglected Dog Found Buried Under Trash Bags With Matted Fur

Cocos, a loyal dog, was left behind in Novosibirsk, Russia, after his 79-year-old owner died. Unfortunately, the dog was pushed and neglected by the relatives of the man who took all of his belongings! Cocos was forced to live on the balcony!

The relatives fed the dog just enough to keep him alive, but his situation was so bad as his fur was covered with urine and feces as he could not escape! Local rescuers were contacted by the neighbors, who saw Cocos’ horrific situation!

When the volunteers arrived at the scene, they were completely shocked as he did not look as a dog! So, Cocos was directly taken to a medical center, where his matted fur was being shaved off by 6 groomers. They shaved about 100-liter fur in approximately 3 hours!

The dog was put on a special diet along with fluids and vitamins to gain his health back again. The best thing was that Cocos was adopted by Elena Rivvo, a local woman! What is sure now is that Cocos will have a great life with a great family! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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