Pregnant Cow Who Has Been Chased By Gang Of Teens Passed Away

A gang of teenagers chased a pregnant cow causing her to pass away on farmland in Axminster. Police are asking public for information about the incident.

87248537 - cows lying down in field close to lacock village, wiltshire, england, uk

Police in Devon said that they have been reported about 2 incidents in the town, this incident was one of them. PCSO for Axminster, Chris Bolsover, said that cow died as she was chased by a group of teenagers with a dog on May 9.

He also added that they have been reported about a group of teenagers chasing cows in the field on Castle Hill on May 15.

Under the term 'worrying livestock' of the Protection of Livestock Act 1953, it was an offence to chase cattle. The authorities say that worrying means chasing animals or attacking livestock that lead to suffering or injury.

The police have also urged people to call 999 to report about any such incidents.