Tiny Puppy Abandoned At Hot Parking Lot, Found Having Seizures Makes Rescuers Cry

This story speaks about a tiny pup called Burrito, who was about to die after being abandoned in a hot parking lot. Thankfully, the rescuers saved him in the exact time and took him to the veterinarian, who expected that the 15.5-ounce dog was 26 days old.

Unfortunately, it did not seem that the poor dog would survive as he started having seizures once he was rescued. He was severely dehydrated and undernourished when he was rescued, according to his rescuers.

One of the rescuers, who took the video below, said that she cried while recording the video, but she wanted to show people how bad abandoning a dog would be. Thankfully, after 3 days of receiving anti-seizure medication, loving care, and constant, he was seizure-free.

Now, Burrito is having a great life that is full of love, care, and joy. He is so adorable and happy after finding the suitable mama. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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