Robber Gets Instant Karma, When He Meet The Owner's Pit Bull

The most horrifying moment for a child would be to be alone in the house. This story speaks about Shane Shafer a 9-year-old boy who faced an intruder in his own living room, was totally aghast.

The little boy was left alone for a few minutes in the house, while his mother who thought that Shane will be okay, was in her way to get his sibling from the nearby school. When Shane saw the intruder breaking in, he ran up the stairs to escape from the masked man.

A hero Pit Bull was waiting for the evil man at the top of those stairs, and she immediately chased him out of the house to save Shane. Baby Girl, the brave dog who didn't pause to save the situation, could save Shane and everything went okay now. Thanks Baby Girl.

Watch the video above to have more information.

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