They Dig Through Terrifying House To Be Able To Rescue A Sick Dog With Her Puppies

A stray sick mama dog was saved along with her pups from a derelict house in St. Louis. The founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Randy Grim, and Donna heard the barks of the pups and their mama. So, they tried to follow the sound and found some of the pups at the side of the home.

But when they approached them, their mama appears and starts to bark to get the attention of her pups, who scatter. So, Donna and Randy have to enter the house in hopes they can rescue the dogs.

Randy was able to win the mama over despite being confused to see him. But the food did it all! On the other hand, Donna was able to find all 7 pups after digging in the rubble!

Watch the video below.

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