Only One Human Wants To Make Sure That This Tiny Bulldog Will Live A Happy Life

This story speaks about a poor bulldog called Kiki, who was on the verge of death at Southern California Bulldog Rescue as she woke up one day in a puddle of her own waste!

The founder of the rescue, Skip Van Der Marliere, directly took the dog to the veterinarian. It is believed that Kiki was left in a garage cage in her childhood, and that’s the reason why she got sick quickly.

When she was surrendered to the shelter in May, she was in a very bad condition, frail and malnourished, with 2 untreated autoimmune diseases and massive infected bed sores.

However, Kiki was always curious to know the people around her despite her health condition. Furthermore, Skip knew that she had to do a great job to keep Kiki alive. She said that “it is not her time to go”, and she would do everything to keep her alive. We hope that Kiki will have a healthy life again.

Watch the video below.

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