Woman Forgets Back Door Open During Storm, Encounters With 3 Deer Huddled In Her House

You have a chance to share your home with deer, if you live in a wooded place. People considered them as a danger creature to your garden. But, seeing a baby deer will surely warm your heart and make any gardener forget about the bad behavior that they always do.

That is exactly what happened with a woman, Amscolie, but she found 3 baby deer, not just one, which is more adorable. Her story was shared by an Imgur user, after leaving the back door of the open when a storm happened outside.

The user said that the woman went out to check on the deer that she always cares for, but she couldn't find any of them. She thought that they may take a step or two steps ahead of her.

It is known that animals feel when the bad weather is coming for more than humans. And there is no clear evidence of that, but they may hear sounds beyond what humans hear, or they may have senses that can feel in the changes of the air pressure.

That is why birds, horses, dogs, and some other animals tend to kick up before a big storm or a big change in weather, because they know that something is happening.

Amscolie's 3 deer had entered into the home without noticing her. They are like humans trying to have shelter from the storm. While Amscolie was looking to bring them into a safe place, but they had already entered the home.

I didn't find the deer, but they were inside the home. I kept them to sleep inside the house because the weather was going to be very bad, said Amscolie.

Any pet owner would fear that something bad would happen to his pets, but finally the deer were I a perfect situation, after this bad day.

Amscolie added, ''Deer show their appreciation by giving some kisses just like dogs. And how could you say no to a pretty face like this?'' Actually, you simply can't.

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