Blue-Banded Pitta Is Stunning Bird Who Wears Christmas jumper All The Time

This story speaks about a highly decorated songbird blue-banded pitta from south east Asia. Actually, its lavish color schemes, and amazing plumages make its looking so special!

You can see the beauty of the glittering light blue chest with bright red plumage of this awesome bird that is also known as the ‘jewel of Borneo’.

Actually, females also have a great appearance with a slightly different color under the tail and wings. However, their social behavior’s basics are still unknown, that’s why they’re rare to be seen in the wild.

These birds like to live in subtropical forests and hilly areas as they are elusive and shy. They eat insects, snails, and other similar invertebrates. They lay up to 6 eggs on the ground, shrubs or trees. Watch the video below.

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