Golden Retriever Saves Goldfish And Carries Them Gently Back Into Their Water Bowl

This story shows us the amazing behaviors of dogs. The social media was on fire after a video of a Golden Retriever was shared by Rex Chapman an Ex-NBA player showing the dog saving 2 goldfish.

After being shared by the NBA star, the video became a viral sensation on Twitter after got many retweets.

You can see in the video below that the Golden Retriever picks a goldfish up and putting it back into its bowl. He also does the same thing with a second fish to keep them both safe. Some people were mad because of the video as they said that the fish should not be on a bowl on the floor.

They also said that the owner should save the fish not record the video. What important is that the both fish are safe because of the Golden Retriever.

Watch the video below.

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