Hummingbird Nests Are Very Small, Gardeners Should Be Careful While Pruning

We all know that some species of hummingbird are endangered. These birds are short and tiny. Their eggs are so small as they are smaller than a jelly bean!

Here are some tips to know hummingbirds when you see them:

1-Their eggs are so small.

2-They can flip their wings between 50-80 beats per second.

A 50/50 chance extinction 34 hummingbird species face in the next 10 years as they’re listed as “critically endangered”. So, people should be aware with trees and pushes by checking their tiny nests.

They eat 5-8 times per hour; which means that their weight can change drastically over the day. However, they are so fast, so, they burn up energy by consuming anywhere between half to eight times of their weight in sugar daily!

Over 1200 times per minute is the number their hearts can beat! Which means that they beat 20 times comparing with 1 time of humans!

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