Kitten Brought to Vet with Pain and He Pulls Out the Maggot From The Face

This is a sad story of a stray kitten which was badly infected and in a poor condition. This poor soul was rescued from a car park, by a vet who thought the animal was having some bad injury. But reality came later, when the vet found out what was actual problem with this tiny soul.

We are sharing a video that shows that the kitten was not actually injured, but infected. You can see how painful it was for the kitten to bear all this. The vet takes out the two huge fly larva out of its skin. It groans in pain as the vet makes cuts in the skin to remove the maggot which have infected her. It is a crucial time for the kitten to tolerate this miserable infection.

The areas of infection are close to the ear and eye and another in her neck. These infections are never to be compared with the size of this tiny creature. As they are very large and disturbing for it. When the vet uses a small instrument to pull out the maggots, and the poor kitten says ‘ow’. It was a heart touching moment.

The video was uploaded by the Kentucky vet, who wrote: ”A good Samaritan brought the young kitten in that he had found in the parking lot at L’Oreal in Florence, Kentucky. He thought the kitten had been injured which she hadn’t. ‘She had two warbles or cuterebra or fly larva.”

When the vet heard her little painful voice he tries to comforts the kitten saying, ”hold on, little buddy. Your pain medicine is kicking in here in a minute. ‘You’re going to do fine.’ The larva that have been pulled out of the kitten are placed on the surgeon’s table to be seen in zooms.

Some of the facts about this infection are observed during the treatment. It is observed that larva like this exist in the Americas, where they lay eggs on blades of grass or in nests. They hatch and enter the passing animals like cats, dogs etc. and live under their skin.

Then the animals will have a lump under the skin and they can have coughs, dizziness and paralysis. Such infections make the little creatures so fragile and miserable.

Here is the video to show how the vet pulls out the infection: