Man Introduces His Wife To 2 Gorillas He Raised 6 Years Ago, She Got Too Close Despite Warnings

When Damian Aspinall, multi-millionaire conservationist, introduced to 2 of his old friends his new wife, he did not expect to see one of them stealing her from him. Especially, when they’re gorillas!

The multi-millionaire bred 2 gorillas called Ima and Djalta for about 6 years. When they were 12, he released them into the jungle. 4 years later, it was the time to meet them again but this time with his wife.

Damian wanted to introduce Victoria, his new wife, to the gorillas he had raised. The pair gorillas finally reached the monkeys in their new home after traveling through crocodile-infested waters. The 2 gorillas were not initially too keen on people that they did not know, as they actually loved their new home.

But, meeting Damian for the Western Lowland is something special. They welcomed him with open arms. Victoria directly fell in love with the 300-pound gentle giants. She lied down in Ima’s lap, allowing him to play with her hair. It seems like Djalta and Ima wanted to keep Damian’s wife for themselves.

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