Neglected Cat Rescued With 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur Described As 'Dragging A Carpet'

It is known that elderly people love owning pets in their last year for companionship, but sometimes these elderly people can’t take care of themselves, and the animal stays without care also.

This Persian cat called Sinbad suffered from the same issue as his parent could not take care of him, because of his age. It ended up for Sinbad to live in a basement alone, he was in bad shape and health.

Fortunately, a utility worker discovered that Sinbad inside a basement while working in the same house, so, he immediately contacted (ACS), The Anti-Cruelty Society, to help the cat.

Thankfully, Sinbad’s matted hair was being cut off, and they gave him the care he needed. The best moment was that a staff member at Chicago’s ACS called Elliott Serrano fell in love with him and decided to foster parent at first. After which, Elliot knew that his life needed Sinbad, so he became his permanent owner.

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