Meet Rare Black And White Giraffes Which Has Been Spotted In Kenya

No one can doubt that giraffes are adorable! They can be found in Africa as it is their origin. Generally, they come in white skin, but some of them come with black skin.

Here are 2 giraffes: the white leucistic giraffe and the black melanistic giraffe.

The White giraffe:

We all know that albinism is the most reason of white animals. But it affects all pigments of the body, which means that it also affects eyes to be pink!

However, albinism in giraffe is called leucistic, but it retains some pigments to their original colors! There are some other health problems of pigment defect such as weak immune system and skin cancer.

The black giraffe:

Melanism is the opposite of albinism that affects an animals melanin making them appear a black color.

Being a melanistic adult with giraffe is seriously rare as they’ll get killed off most of the time when they’re a child!

Watch the video below.

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