Tiger Developed A Friendship With Goat Which Was Given To Him As A Meal

A Siberian tiger called Amur, who lives at Primorye Safari Park in Russia, loves eating rabbits and goats as usual, but when he met Timur.

When Timur, a dog, was put in the enclosure, the tiger left the goat alone, which left the zookeepers surprised!

Timur was not afraid of Amur, so, the tiger decided to leave it! What surprised the zookeepers even more was that the two became good friends!

Unfortunately, the staff of the zoo forced to separate the pair as Timur poked Amur with his horns! The tiger then attacked him back but did not kill him! The both are living in separate enclosures that are next to each other. They even greet each other.

Watch the video below.

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